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Wednesday 9 September 2020

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La Cava – Sennori

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Emanuele Marsico (trumpet, voice) Attilio Sepe (sax alto) Silvia Bolognesi (double bass, compositions) Sergio Bolognesi (drums)

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The repertoire is inspired by African American “traditional folk songs”. The “Suite for Bessie Jones”, written specifically for this group, comes from the lyrics of some of the songs made famous by the singer recorded by Alan Lomax. The instrumental “line up”, as well as the frequent moments of collective impro, report to the sound of the quartet of New York bassist William Parker. Born in Siena, Silvia Bolognesi graduates in double-bass at the “R. Franci Institute” with Andrea Granai. Her approach to jazz starts by following lessons at the “Siena Jazz Foundation” with F. Spinetti. In 2003 she is selected to form part of Butch Morris Orchestra with which she performs during the 13th Edition of “Roccella Jonica Jazz Festival” and again in 2010, conduction N. 192 “Possible universe”, during the 25th Edition of the “Sant’Anna Arresi Festival”. In 2010 the magazine Music Jazz awards Silvia Bolognesi the “Top Jazz 2010” as new best talent and in the same year she wins the “InSound Prize 2010” in the category “Double-bass”.

La Cava (Anfiteatro) - Sennori