3G Trio  (Brazil)

Saturday 24 August

Starting time

7:00 PM


Piazza della Misericordia – Castelsardo

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ticket 8 € - Reduced 5€

3G Trio

Adriana Godoy (voice)
Tico d’Godoy (sax)
Frederico Godoy (piano)


Three musicians, three instruments, same family. This is 3G Trio.
Daughter and sons of three of the biggest names of the Brazilian music scene: Adriana Godoy, daughter of Adylson Godoy, one of the earliest and most recorded composers and pianist of Bossa Nova in Brazil;
Tico d’Godoy, son of Amilton Godoy, considered by many one of the best pianists in the world; Fred Godoy, son of Amilson Godoy, great composer, arranger and conductor. They transform this legacy into an original work.
Adriana has shown all of her versatility and vocal strength for more than 20 years as a singer, where she worked with big names in MPB such as Carlos Lyra, Joyce, Zimbo Trio.
Tico as well brings his musical eclecticism that has shaped him as a saxophonist standing in front of bands like Trincheira MPBJazz, and GroofBoogaloo. And Fred writes his history since ‘95 as a pianist, composer and arranger, and also accompanies the Arte Via Symphonic Orchestra.
Voice, sax and piano. Three sounds, three ways, a new generation which highlights the modern arrangements, swinging and unique interpretations.

Piazza della Misericordia - Castelsardo