About Jana Project Organization

Musica sulle Bocche Festival is produced and cured by the concert association Jana Project. It was founded in 1998 in Alghero, Sardinia and today is one of the most long-established musical entities in the island. Their musical projects have been launched in many countries, such us South America, Japan, Iran, China and all around Europe. Many international artists contributed to their musical productions.

Every event produced by the organization, both on an internal and external level, especially Musica sulle Bocche Festival, have special consideration for environmental impact, waste minimization and sustainability as a whole. To raise people awareness about this topic is among their missions and they try to accomplish it also by sharing their working method through every communication channel.

About the artistic director Enzo Favata

Enzo Favata, among the most active and noted Sardinian musicians of the Italian and international jazz scene, is a versatile artist who likes to fully investigate the universe of sound. His artistic journey brought him through the experimentation of different musical languages, the combination of modern and archaic ingredients and the exploration of different music cultures far apart from each other.

He plays soprano, sopranino and tenor sax, bass clarinet and ethnic woodwinds instruments, especially the ones characteristic of the Sardinian musical tradition. He is also able to use live electronics that employs together with acoustic instruments.

His musical career starts in 1983: after growing in the traditional jazz sphere he decided to leave mainstream music to study Sardinian folk music and later became truly knowledgeable on the subject. Based on this models and other influences, such as the South American one, he developed a truly original compositional style.

He released 14 albums as a leader and collaborated in 5 different compilations of international artists.
He played in Europe, Japan, China, Iran, Egypt, Brazil, Argentina, Croatia, Slovenia, Albania and Kuwait at many prestigious festivals and shows.

He played with: Dino Saluzzi, Enrico Rava, the Art Ensemble of Chicago, Omar Sosa, Mulatu Astatke, Django Bates, Miroslav Vitous, Dave Liebman, Anja Lechner, Lester Bowie, Flavio Boltro, Michel Marre, Tenores di Bitti, Metropole Orkest della Radio Nazionale Olandese, National Orchestra of Tirana and many more.

Since 2001 is the artistic director of Musica sulle Bocche Festival, that comes out at the top of the Jazz festivals in Sardinia.