Jazz and Interculturalism – Jain project

Jain is a partnership project between cultural organizations within the European Creative Europe program, promoted by Nisville Foundation (Serbia) in collaboration with Syri Blu (Albania) and Jana Project (Italy-Sardinia).

The goal of JAIN is to facilitate creativity and open artistic exchange through the connection between young jazz musicians from different cultural, social, economic and geographical realities.

The intent is to develop intercultural dialogue, cooperation between cultural diversities and movement across borders on different levels. It will be about creating the connection between Serbia, Albania and Italy starting from the analysis between differences and similarities, learning mutually and sharing, exchanging ideas and communicating, understanding and opening up through mobility, workshops, residences, collective performances, meeting with new people and the discovery of “new worlds”.

The three partners have selected for each country ten young musicians who will participate in the different phases of the project which includes rehearsals and workshops for the formation of a single orchestra on a repertoire of jazz and popular music from the regions involved.