Cuncordu Di Castelsardo (Sardinia)

Saturday 24 August 2019 – Sunrise concert

Starting time

06:00 AM


From the Cathedral – Castelsardo

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Cuncordu Di Castelsardo

Giovanni Pinna (contra)
Pietro Sanna (bassu)
Stefano Tugulu (voce)
Piergiuseppe Pinna (falsetto)
Mariano Sini (falsetto)
Wandering singings in the old town
The tradition of singing “a cuncordu”, polyphony of four male voices with almost exclusively religious repertoire, is represented in various Sardinian villages, especially during the rites of Holy Week.
Among the most famous traditions are those of Castelsardo, Santulussurgiu, Cuglieri, Orosei.
The “Cuncordu di Castelsardo” is one of the choirs that keeps this tradition handed down through the centuries alive.
The director and curator of Cuncordu is Giovanni Pinna, a long career full of concerts around the world and dedicated to the conservation of this precious intangible heritage of Sardinia.
The group, as is natural, has had several changes over the years and today makes use of the voices of young people who guarantee generational continuity.
The wandering concert will start at dawn from the churchyard of the Sant’Antonio Cathedral and will cover some of the most evocative places in the historic village of Doria, among sacred and profane songs.

From the Cathedral - Castelsardo