Favata Peghin Maiore Trio – AGLIENTU

Wednesday 2 September 2020

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Spiaggia di Chiscinagghju o Saragossa – Aglientu

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Enzo Favata (soprano sax, bass clarinet) Marcello Peghin (10 string guitars) Salvatore Maiore (double bass)

This fascinating trio is linked by Sardinia Island, the starting point for a journey through Africa and South America, up to the Middle East. Three thirty-year careers come together in a contemporary jazz project, with intimate nocturnal atmospheres, typical of the tales, and in whose music ancient and modern elements naturally intersect.

The trio is characterized by the original sound of these three artistic personalities: the beautiful instrumental voice of the soprano sax by Enzo Favata, the full-bodied and deep sound of the double bass by Salvatore Maiore, where classic experiences and the sound world of European jazz converge, together with the spatiality of the harmonies produced by the guitar of the virtuoso Marcello Peghin.

The repertoire is a real navigation through sound continents apparently very distant from each other, but which manage to converge in the music of the trio: from Brazil, in its most rarefied and lunar side, to Northern Europe, Persia with some accents of rural Metheny … the rest is a continuous discovery.

Spiaggia di Chiscinagghju or Saragossa - Aglientu