Sunrise Concert

Gavino Loche Solo – CASTELSARDO

Sunday 13 September 2020

Starting time

Ore 6.00AM


Spalti Manganella – Castelsardo

Free entry


Gavino Loche (acoustic guitar)

Gavino Loche is a virtuoso of the guitar. He is capable of moving from one genre to the next with the greatest of ease.

His YouTube performances have garnered millions of hits. In 2010 he was awarded for the best up-and-coming Italian guitar player at the A.D.G.P.A (Atkins-Dadi Guitar Player Italian Association) annual convention. Gavino was the winner of the “Concorso Italiano Chitarre 2010” as well as in 2013 winning the guitar contest at “Arrangiatevi.”

Gavino’s solo performances sound like two really good guitarists playing together. He combines tapping, percussive sounds and incredible fingerstyle arrangements. The initial astonished audience reaction is, “How does he do that?”. He is also author of the book “Contemporary Fingerpicking Guitar” and a Journalist for the first italian acoustic guitar magazine “Chitarra Acustica” (Acoustic Guitar).

Spalti Manganella - Castelsardo