Rosa Brunello Y Los Fermentos (Italy)

Saturday 24 August 2019

Starting time

9:00 PM


Terrazza Sala XI – Castelsardo

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Ticket 12€ - Reduced 10€


Michele Polga (tenor sax)
Frank Martino (electric guitar, live electronics)
Rosa Brunello (double bass, bass synth)
Luca Colussi (drums)


That’s how the artists describe their own music:
Particles of matter that violently move, blow up, warm up, under the action of fermentation, fighting to recompose in a new order. Particles that modify themselves, break up, double in other particles, similar but different, that also live the same experience in a never-ending cycle. A chemical metaphor for an alchemic, organic and constantly transforming music”.
Rosa Brunello, young element of the Italian Jazz scene, enters with modesty, great tenacity and lots of ideas the precious current of double bass-leaders, able to serve music by supporting and stimulating it, giving a rhythmic back up while offering a counterpoint framing.
Ideas are abundant and Los Fermentos allow music to easily and freely unravel, showing a stable interaction between the band elements, stimulated and helped by the band leader work, based on the image of a dialogic and ongoing watermark.

Terrazza Sala XI - Castelsardo