Friday 24 AUGUST 2018 H. 21.00

Piazza Santa Lucia


Sergio Cammariere (piano and voice)
Daniele Tittarelli (alto sax)
Luca Bulgarelli (double bass)
Amedeo Ariano (drums)
Bruno Marcozzi (percussions)

Piazza Santa Lucia

  Ticket € 25,00 front raws / €20,00 – reduced €15,00

This year Musica sulle Bocche will be hosting Sergio Cammariere’s IO TOUR, accompanied by a high standard Italian jazz band. The live concert gathers the artist’s whole musical world, both as pianist and songwriter, recorded in the album entitled IO.

Sergio Cammariere is a musician, composer and performer recognized for his refined and intense expressiveness. His soul radiates with the echo of the sounds of jazz masters of all time, Latin and South American pulse, classical music and Italian songwriting style. A natural inclination for musical composition and improvisation.

Throughout his career he received various recognition, among others the one as best musician and performer in 1997 during the Premio Tenco, the third place at the Festival di Sanremo in 2003 with the song “Tutto quello che un uomo”, the prize for “Best Musical Composition” and two Platinum Disc. Sergio Cammariere’s concerts are always an amazing adventure, ever-changing, where the artist is capable of creating an exceptional harmony with other musicians and musical “inventions” of great impact.

Cammariere is a complete artist and composer, astonishing and sympathetic to humanity. Almost a quaint personality, creative and ever-evolving, intended to leave a mark in the history of art music.