Simone Graziano Trio – CASTELSARDO


Friday 11 September 2020

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Piazza del Novecentenario – Castelsardo

Full price 10€ - Reduced* 8€

*Ridotto: under 25 e over 65.

Ingresso libero per under 14.


Simone Graziano (piano, synth, Fender Rhodes)

Francesco Ponticelli (double bass, synth)

Enrico Morello (drums)

Snailspace expands the timbral boundaries of the trio, redraws the contours of making music in our time dictating a need that has now become an urgent need for thoughtful research and creation, which always presupposes courage and depth of vision.”

(Paola Parri, Pianosolo)

Slowness is a form of rebellion. This idea, born from a Sepulveda story, where a snail named Ribelle, expelled from his group, travels in search of the meaning of slowness, is the basis of SNAILSPACE, the new record by Simone Graziano.

To realize this musical idea, Simone Graziano, among the best ten Italian musicians for the Top Jazz 2018 of Musica Jazz magazine, used a strong impact rhythm, composed by Francesco Ponticelli on double bass and synth, leading musician of the new Italian scene, together with a true rising star made in Italy, Enrico Morello.

Snailspace is a search for innovative musical spaces compared to the traditional trio piano.

The instrumentation alongside the piano, double bass and drums, sees the use of synths, Fender Rhodes and electronics, never an end in itself, but always at the service of musical needs.

Piazza del Novecentenario - Castelsardo