Sunna Gunnlaugs (Island)

Sunday 25 August 2019 – Sunrise Concert

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06:00 AM


Spalti Manganella

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Sunna Gunnlaugs

Sunna Gunnlaugs (piano solo)


Gunnlaugs proves that jazz can have a wider appeal without losing integrity.John Kelman, All About Jazz
The intimacy of a solo piano concert is something Icelandic jazz pianist Sunna Gunnlaugs embraces when she gets the opportunity. Having performed all over the world with her trio, quartet and in various duos she has found the direct connection between the artist, the instrument and the audience in a solo setting is unlike any experience a musician can have. Gunnlaugs brings the listener with her as she follows her melodic sense and lingers in the quiet moments; tension and release at its essence. Her own music translates well to this setting, as this is as it was when she was composing it. She also delves into American jazz standards and the occasional pop tune when performing solo, but whatever the material it all becomes woven into Sunna’s musical fabric.

Spalti Manganella