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Today April 18, the press conference held in Cagliari announced the 18° edition of the international jazz festival Musica sulle Bocche, directed by Enzo Favata, that will take place in Santa Teresa Gallura from August 23 to August 26.

The Festival is one of the major events of the Sardinian summer season, both for the high standard of the artists on stage, as well as the symbiosis between music and environment that made the festival extremely successful from the very outset.

This year the artistic director choose to place famous international jazz artists next to Italian art song, with one of his most refined representatives.



Danilo Pérez Trio Danilo Pérez, Panamanian pianist and composer, besides being one of the most influent and dynamic contemporary musicians, he is also an educator and activist committed in significant social projects. At the moment he is UNESCO Artist for Peace.

His music received many recognitions and prizes and obtained quite a few Grammy Awards nominations. He has been a member since 2000 of the Wayne Shorter Quartet, currently considered by many one of the best jazz bands of the world. He will be on stage in Santa Teresa Gallura on August 25 together with Ben Street (double bass) and Nate Winn (drums).


Ben Wendel Quartet Ben Wendel, Canadian based in Brooklyn, is among the best saxophonist worldwide and boasts many and various recognitions. Wendel’s sound is pristine and strongly linked to tradition but with a modern compositional idea that has not been heard since the times of Stan Getz. Besides tenor sax he also plays the bassoon (a legacy with the classical academy that he previously attended). The saxophonist will be accompanied by a new generation Italian trio known also at international level: Alessandro Lanzoni (piano), Matteo Bortone (double bass) and Alessandro Morello (drums). They will be on stage August 23.


Trilok Gurtu Indian drummer/percussionist in the forefront from more than 30 years, comes back to Sardinia after one year to gather again with the three Sardinian musicians Enzo Favata, Marcello Peghin and Salvatore Maiore, all of them with a 30-years international career behind and a proven artistic partnership. Their concert  is scheduled on August 26 at sunset in the amazing scenario of Capo Testa lighthouse.



Sergio Cammariere, among the most refined artists of the current Italian music scene, is a composer and interpreter with a rare and intense expressiveness that combines together with the inheritance of jazz masters of all times, Latin and South American rhythms, classical music and Italian songwriting style. In addition he boasts a natural inclination for musical composition and improvisation. The live concert is part of the IO Tour and is scheduled August 24 with the following ensemble: Luca Bulgarelli (double bass), Amedeo Ariano (drums), Bruno Marcozzi (percussion), all of them well-renown in the Italian jazz scene.



Who has been at the Festival before, knows that the sunset and sunrise concert are very engaging moments to experience individually and collectively both at the same time. The images of these concerts recall the happening art from the Sixties/Seventies. The event-concerts organized by Musica sulle Bocche aim to evoke again that dimension, through a total immersion in the sound and in the beauty of the landscape.


Pasquale Mirra (vibraphone) and Dudù Kouatè (percussions) are two original musical personalities, open to experimentation between different genres. In this occasion, their project combines unusual African percussion instruments together with the vibraphone and electronic loops, created for the special location of the concert, the well-known Cala Grande or Valle della Luna (Moon Valley), scheduled on August 23 during sunset, that will host also other special guests.


The traditional sunrise concert, that will take place on Rena Bianca Beach on August 26, will host the pianist Clara Peya, versatile and energetic artist, expression of the fervid creativity that pulsates in the city of Barcelona. Graduated in classical piano, her style merges jazz, electronic music and improvisation.



Buoncammino Sanctuary, not far from the residential area of Santa Teresa Gallura, is the right location to enjoy the polyphonic singing original of the Sardinian tradition. This year it will be represented by Cuncordu choir of Castelsardo, composed by the voices of Giovanni Pinna (contra), Pietro Sanna (basso), Stefano Tugulu (voce), Piergiuseppe Pinna (falsetto), Mariano Sini (falsetto). The concert is scheduled on August 24.


The other appointment at the Sanctuary, on August 25, is dedicated to the “migration” topic, dramatically actual, that will be explored through blues music and poetry slam open performance of different genres and languages. This special event will be created with the collaboration of Teatri Peregrini Festival, with whom Musica sulle Bocche renew its partnership, started last year. A preview of this exchange will be held in Santa Teresa Gallura on June 16, with the concert of Ignazio Cadeddu for the Festival Teatri Peregrini, on Municca Island.



This edition of the festival launches a new section of performances scheduled at 12PM in the concert area of Musica sulle Bocche set up in Piazza Santa Lucia.

On August 23 and 26 there will be electronic music with Saffronkeira (Hybrid & Dj set), an artist already known among the festival audience, who just came back from his tour in the United States. On August 24 we will be delighted by the project “Back to Bach” of the virtuoso flute player Mauro Uselli. On August 25 Salvatore Maiore (double bass) and Maria Vicentini (violin) duet present “Mingus World”, entirely dedicated to the double bass player Charles Mingus, one of the jazz masters of all time.



For the fourth consecutive year the internationally renowned stage of Musica sulle Bocche Festival is open to young talents. There are many creative artists that often – despite achieving great results on an artistic level – don’t manage to receive the right and qualified attention, especially when trying to experiment between different music genres. Fringe is the opposite of “talent show”. There are no producers directing and constructing characters; on the stage, after the internationally renowned artists, there will be only young creative talents that want to propose their musical projects to the audience. The selection will be open until May 31. Selection will be held through the blindfold method: the listener will only hear the audio file in order to be able to choose only on the base of the quality of the project and the genres will range from jazz, rock, rap to electronic music. .


The official image of the 18th edition is signed by the British artist George Underwood.


Other initiatives and side activities (workshops, exhibitions) will be announced soon.

Tickets will be available on the circuit Vivaticket starting from the 1st of June.

Musica sulle Bocche Festival is organized by Jana Project Association and supported by: Public Education, Performing Arts and Cultural Heritage Department, Tourism Department of the Autonomous Region of Sardinia,  the Municipality of Santa Teresa Gallura, the Foundation of Sardinia.




Musica sulle Bocche is an active member of Europe Jazz Network and Sardinia Jazz Network.




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