SUNDAY 26 AUGUST 2018 H. 18.30

Sunset concert – Faro di Capo Testa


Trilok Gurtu (percussions)
Enzo Favata (saxophones)
Marcello Peghin (guitars)
Salvatore Maiore (double bass)

Faro di Capo Testa

  Ticket €10,00 – € 7,00 reduced

This year Musica sulle Bocche Festival gathers again the great master of percussion and the three Sardinian musicians. What brings together these three artists is the restless pursuit within a common language, the language of jazz and improvised music, without setting any boundaries among genres. The project includes multiple cultural references, an authentic musical journey through countries like India, Sardinia and the Mediterranean, Africa and Brazil, beside others matrices.

Enzo Favata, Marcello Peghin e Salvatore Maiore collaborated together at the beginning of their career and in the last year they met again to develop their trio project that grows in a free and balanced progression of original music, at the boundary between jazz, world and electronics.


Trilok Gurtu (tabla, percussions, drums) was born in Bombay from a family of musicians. Introduced to music since his early childhood, he studied drums and soon entered in the world music scene. His started his jazz adventure playing with Don Cherry, and then established a long-lasting collaboration with the Mahavishnu Orchestra. His peculiar style, borderless and always open to any experimentation, together with his distinctive fusion between western and Indian technique, made him an acclaimed personality among other percussionists.


Enzo Favata (soprano & sopranino sax, bass clarinet, ethnic woodwinds instruments).

In his long career he played with his projects in many prestigious festivals and stages around the world.

He is the artistic director of the International Jazz Festival MUSICA SULLE BOCCHE , which has been held for 17 years in Santa Teresa Gallura (Sardinia) one of the most famous events of the Italian jazz scene, characterized both for an ever-innovative program and for green policy and sensitivity towards environmental and landscape thematics.


Marcello Peghin is considered among the best Italian jazz guitarists. A virtuoso of the 10-string classical guitar, baritone guitar and viola caipira. In his ultra-thirty year career he played worldwide and collaborated with renowned musicians. He is also the author of the soundtrack of the movie “Chi salverà le rose” that obtain the nomination for the Golden Globe in 2017.


Salvatore Maiore is a Sardinian double bass player that carries multiple concerts and recording collaborations with Italian and foreign artists. Not only he took part to more than 50 music publishing but he also played in many of the major international jazz festivals. Maiore is also a jazz double bass teacher at the Conservatory of Vicenza. Among his most important collaborations we can mention the one with Stefano Battaglia’s trio, with whom he published four recording works, for ECM record label.